3 Tips to Target the Right Audience for Your eLearning Course

After creating content for your eLearning course and having it developed, there comes the issue of putting it in front of the right audience. Your eLearning course will not take off without people who want to take it, after all, so targeting the appropriate prospective learners will be integral to the course’s success.  Understanding your […]

4 Ways to Implement Your eLearning Courses More Efficiently

Learning never stops, even when you’ve been out of school for years. It often involves multiple reviews of the course material to understand the message, especially when grappling with complex concepts—think about how many tries it took to nail down a math concept! For this reason, learners need to comprehend the subject well enough to […]

Top Course Materials That Are Well-Suited for eLearning

Although traditional learning methods are still in use (even despite the setbacks of the COVID-19 restrictions), digital and eLearning platforms have been slowly gaining popularity among many organizations and industries. eLearning has enormous advantages over face-to-face learning activities, such as a streamlined delivery of the material and substantial monetary savings.  Although there may still be […]

Creating an eLearning Course That Resonates: Part 2

If you wish to design an efficient eLearning course, you need to create engaging content. This is the only way you can command focus and attention from your learning community. We’ve previously talked about the importance of the planning phase, which involves conducting thorough research, setting objectives, and identifying the right instructional materials. All of […]

Creating an eLearning Course That Resonates: Part 1

Designing eLearning courses may seem rather straightforward, but the end-to-end methods can be challenging. This is especially true if you have no idea where to begin as developing a comprehensive course entails a myriad of factors. This includes the tools you need to use, the parameters you need to set, and of course the bulk […]

Zoom Fatigue: How It Impacts Students’ Learning

Zoom shot to mainstream fame by May 2020, when most of the world was shut down to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. People still needed to earn money, and businesses still needed to stay afloat, which is how the video conferencing platform skyrocketed in usage, reaching a staggering 30 million users in a short amount […]

3 Main Benefits of Online Learning for Organizations in 2021

2021 is a hopeful year for many organizations as they open up local economies, opt for skeletal workforces, and have flexible processes for office deliverables. However, COVID-19 continues to be a concern for many, even as mass vaccination drives are ongoing. Unfortunately, smaller groups and organized teams are feeling this impact as they struggle in […]

Why Your Company Needs to Invest in Online Employee Training

In an ever-changing world, organizations all over the world scramble to find ways to keep their operations intact. One of the most promising methods involves your employees and staff members, which necessitates increasing employee engagement and satisfaction. Simply put, providing them with ample opportunities to grow and develop will keep them motivated and happy, ensuring […]

6 Benefits of Getting an eLearning Platform for Your Business

A growing business has evolving needs, which means you’ll need to scale accordingly to take advantage of your momentum and reach your targets. You’ll also have to invest in streamlining professional skills and knowledge development in all roles to ensure everyone grows right along with you, which can be done through eLearning platforms. Learning new […]

Does Your Online Learning Platform Have These Features?

Remote work and location-independent learning have risen in popularity in the last few years, and the COVID-19 crisis has only sped up this trend. Whether you’re adapting to online learning by choice, circumstance, or a combination of both, it is still challenging to find the best platform for your company. You must consider the needs […]

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