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Bihasa combines Instructional Design and Production Expertise to help clients develop Scalable Learning Videos for various use cases, including onboarding, product training, skills enhancement, and compliance. Additionally, Bihasa offers Learning Management System (LMS) design, set-up, and managed services, ensuring a fully customizable, data-centric, and scalable learning platform. 

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Scaling Learning For Organizations Across All Industries

Say goodbye to tedious, costly &
repetitive live training sessions.

Train your audience without repeating a single presentation ever again.

Digitize Your Content

Transform your content into easy-to-digest micro-learning videos, perfect for remote training.

Train at Scale

Teach thousands of learners effortlessly through your own learning platform.

Reach a Global Audience

Train learners anytime and anywhere in the world through engaging learning videos.

Save Training Team's Time

Automate and digitize your training programs and allow your Training Team to focus on higher-value tasks

Our Core Services

How We Help Clients Take The Leap In Digital Learning

Digital Learning Production

Redefine the way you train with video-based learning, perfect for firms needing to digitize their learning content.

Our team of experts will help you figure out the best way to deliver your existing content digitally, from course design and structure all the way to video production.

Utio di

Learning Management System (LMS) Design, Set-up and Maintenance

Scale Training across the entire organization by having your Own Online Academy

Launch a platform where all learners can securely access your courses. Plus, make it easy for your team to track learner progress and revenue.

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