How Strategic SaaS Customer Training Impacts Your Bottomline

Back in 2018, an Industry Report was released by Finances Online that found that up to 73% of organizations figured their apps would be SaaS by 2020. It was in line with the estimated $76 billion growth of the SaaS public market. SaaS has been on the rise for years, and it shows no signs […]

Why Training Support Is Best Had From Investing in an LMS

When it comes to learning and development (L&D), organizations that aren’t on a large scale tend to find learning management systems (LMS) investment something for “later.” Even if they could already get it, the next thought then becomes, “it’s an indulgence not worth it…yet.”  This is especially true for smaller organizations or start-ups that put […]

4 Signs That Signify That Actual Learning Is Taking Place

When it comes to teaching and training, there is immense importance in ensuring that learning is taking place in the process. Without it, there’s no way to show that a course is effective and worth the time. However, learning is a delicate undertaking that can easily be affected by numerous factors. Just a slight turn […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Successful eLearning Course Design

We’ve previously outlined four tips that will help eLearning portal developers successfully manage an eLearning platform. While those tips are useful at helping you to implement your eLearning platform, we understand that you may also need help establishing the courses you’re going to offer. For cases like this, one of the most important things to […]

Reasons Your Company Needs Product Training: How to Do It

When running a business, you need to ensure that every team member understands your products and core. With the same understanding, you and your team will promote growth within the company and provide a clear picture of what your business is in the market. But how do you do that? With product training, of course.  […]

3 Reasons You Should Consider eLearning for Your Company

One of the most critical stages of hiring new staff is their training. Train them well, and the company can succeed. If you don’t, you may be leaving your company in incompetent hands. Of course, that’s a worst-case scenario, but if you want to build a good team that’s not only competent but satisfied at […]

4 Tips For Successfully Managing an e-Learning Platform

Online training has allowed the world to continue being productive, even when in the throes of lockdown after lockdown. Not only is it the most accessible educational methodology, but it saves time, promotes engagement, reduces costs, and ensures your learners gain knowledge without investing in classrooms or special equipment. All you and your learners need […]

The Impact of CRM-LRM Integration on Customer Education

Many would say that hard work, perseverance, and dedication are among the essential factors one needs to launch a business and keep it running. While these three components are undoubtedly crucial in building a company from the ground up, they’re not enough to keep an organization operating for a long time. Innovation—The Lifeblood of a […]

Reasons You Should Start Remote Training In Your SaaS Company

Rolling out new software or educating your team on your new SaaS solution can be tricky, but thankfully, eLearning has bridged the gap and has provided opportunities for companies to streamline remote training.  What makes eLearning effective is that it provides a similar experience to traditional training, but in most cases because you’re dealing with […]

3 Crucial Steps to a Successful SaaS Customer Onboarding

Deploying a new SaaS product takes years of development and preparation, not to mention the amount of resources being poured into it to perfect the product. Considering all the time, effort, and resources invested in the app, it would be a terrible waste if users couldn’t take full advantage of it. Whatever product is being […]

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