Top Course Materials That Are Well-Suited for eLearning

Although traditional learning methods are still in use (even despite the setbacks of the COVID-19 restrictions), digital and eLearning platforms have been slowly gaining popularity among many organizations and industries. eLearning has enormous advantages over face-to-face learning activities, such as a streamlined delivery of the material and substantial monetary savings. 

Although there may still be some course material that will still be delivered best using the traditional methods, online learning continues to be the preferred method for many businesses. So, if you are thinking about incorporating eLearning into your operations, you have reached the right blog post! Here, we will discuss what training topics are best suited for online learning.

Top Course Materials that Are Well-Suited for eLearning

1 – Mandatory Compliance Training Courses

For most companies and organizations, compliance training is usually mandatory. To make this otherwise dull, dry, and run-of-the-mill content interesting for your training participants, it is vital to find the right eLearning platform. A suitable medium will allow you to customize your content and provide the best delivery to your participants.

2 – Business Correspondence

eLearning platforms will also benefit companies who need to roll out training to new clerical employees who need to know how to send emails and handle ad-hoc tasks preparing memos and other business documents. A versatile eLearning platform will allow you to craft aesthetically pleasing training videos that will be informative as well as mentally stimulating.

3 – Safety and First-Aid Training

This is another type of training that will most likely be mandatory for most companies. This training will be provided across all departments and will be needed to meet industry standards. eLearning platforms will track the participation and understanding of each participant to ensure that everyone meets these standards. 

4 – Brand-Specific Hospitality Training

Airline companies and hotel chains will benefit from using eLearning platforms because of the diverse nature of the jobs in this industry. Since there will be many different types of job descriptions and multiple shifts in a day, training a new employee in the front office department who works on the night shift will not be a problem. 

How to Know if Your Company Will Benefit from eLearning

After all that, how can you be sure that your company will benefit from eLearning platforms? The best way to determine if your content will work if delivered through an eLearning platform is if it meets at least one of these six criteria:

  • The topic is to be introduced to a large group of people.
  • The rollout is urgent.
  • This type of training is mandatory for your business.
  • Participants are located in different locations or time zones.
  • You have a diverse audience in terms of experience and ability.
  • Parts of your course are particularly challenging. 


If your business has course materials that fall under these categories, your employees may benefit from eLearning activities. However, as you go about finding the right online learning provider, consider the size of your business, your organization’s scope, and the nature of your content. Taking these factors into account will help you find a digital learning developer that will provide a powerful eLearning platform that will scale with your business as it grows.

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