Creating an eLearning Course That Resonates: Part 2

If you wish to design an efficient eLearning course, you need to create engaging content. This is the only way you can command focus and attention from your learning community. We’ve previously talked about the importance of the planning phase, which involves conducting thorough research, setting objectives, and identifying the right instructional materials.

All of that will be for naught without the right content, but this is no easy task. To achieve this, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and strategically sound. You need to harness the power of art through various visual elements, all the while creating or curating compelling visuals that can make the experience memorable. 

To help further guide you through creating an eLearning course that resonates with your audiences, here’s part 2 of our mini-series. Take note of the tips below to make your learners come back for more:

The Content Creation Phase 

Guide Them Well: Start with clear instructions

eLearning courses can be a handful, especially if they do not come with clear instructions. By ensuring you write concise instructions, however, you make sure that your learners experience a stress-free course. Make sure to include directions regarding accessing content, along with the next steps they need to do. 

If they need to complete the entire course in a specific order, make sure to tell them. This also applies to courses done at their own leisure. The key is to let them know what they can and can’t do so that expectations can be set early on.

Create or Curate: Choose the right learning elements.

Choosing the right elements can be the most time-consuming and complicated phase of the entire process. You’ll need to focus on a myriad of key areas, which includes the following:

  • Texts
  • Video
  • Visual graphics
  • Audio
  • Animations
  • Interactions
  • Quizzes and other assessments

You’ll need to scour various tools and resources to help you create compelling eLearning content. There’s also the opportunity to develop custom multimedia elements, which includes the addition of various presentations, videos, and other resources that helps make the learning activities more interactive.

It’s important to keep the materials in a coherent sequence. This helps make the experience more fun and fulfilling. Anything less could cause them to abandon the material altogether, especially if they find certain resources, links, and other elements much too distracting. 

Leave Some Space: Avoid bulky text blocks in video presentations.

Make sure your text blocks remain readable. Too bulky text blocks either on your worksheets or learning videos can lead to a cognitive overload, which effectively compromises your audience’s ability to focus. You’ll want to incorporate the following elements instead:

  • Bullet lists
  • Headers for proper organization
  • Short bursts of texts 

Doing so ensures that your learners can focus on key points properly, allowing them to absorb what needs to be absorbed. Keep in mind that most people merely skim through long paragraphs, which never helps with knowledge retention. Your goal should be to improve comprehension—avoiding bulky text can help you do just that!

Getting Your eLearning Course Right

The content creation process can be even more difficult than the preparation stage. However, the tips listed above have been curated to help you create an eLearning course that resonates. Striking a balance between multimedia and reading materials should be your main goal, along with ensuring cohesiveness. Creating an eLearning course has never been easy—but planning thoroughly will guarantee your success. 

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