The Impact of CRM-LRM Integration on Customer Education

Many would say that hard work, perseverance, and dedication are among the essential factors one needs to launch a business and keep it running. While these three components are undoubtedly crucial in building a company from the ground up, they’re not enough to keep an organization operating for a long time.

Innovation—The Lifeblood of a Business

The harsh truth of the matter is that to continue to succeed and remain relevant in the competitive landscape, you have to churn out innovations constantly. Things get old fairly quickly; you can’t be sure if another business may have already realized the endeavor you think is unique.

Every company needs to be innovative to stay competitive. When done right, providing a fresh twist to an idea can differentiate your brand’s identity amidst the cluttered market and add immense value to your company.

Innovation certainly holds the key to success! However, even with that said, it’s crucial to understand that the influx of fresh ideas won’t deliver the desired results when you’re the only one who knows how to use your features, products, or services. To fully realize the impact of your innovations, your customers must also learn about them.

Customer Education and Innovation Go Hand-In-Hand

One of the most significant obstacles to a SaaS company’s success is when its customers don’t completely understand what the business offers. Customer education leads to customer satisfaction—educating your customers is just as crucial as coming up with innovations. 

Whether it’s to onboard new users, update your knowledge base, or launch an academy, your company must invest in helping your customers realize the actual value of your product or service, and therefore convincing them to stick around.

We wish customer education would be as easy as handing them out a how-to guide, but it’s a bit more complex than that. Although driving customer education is in no way simple, it can become much easier to implement it by integrating customer relationship management (CRM) systems with your learning management system (LMS).

The Benefits of CRM-LMS Integration to Customer Education

Using CRM has proven to be a powerful tool in centralized management and tracking customer prospect account information, but integrating it with LMS has created an impactful instrument in educating far-flung sales teams with relevant product and professional training and, more importantly, driving customer education!

Thanks to CRM-LMS integration, your business can connect directly with customers throughout every step of the purchasing process. Investing in CRM-LMS integration can offer your organization a multitude of advantages in various areas, such as:

Product Adoption

With CRM-LMS integration, you’ll be able to help customers find and understand the value of your product or service. The sooner customers fully adopt your product, the greater possibility they have of investing in your brand for a longer time.

Lock-in Relationship Building

Employing the lock-in strategy through product certification is beneficial for customers and your business—customers view certificates as essential to professional credibility and career advancement. In contrast, companies can build brand loyalty and advocacy through lock-in relationships.


To differentiate your brand in this highly competitive marketplace, it’s necessary to provide a unique brand experience. Combining CRM and LMS data offers an opportunity for your company to stand out from competitors by creating a more personalized approach for your customers.


Innovation will be useless to your business without proper customer education! As such, you must make sure to prioritize driving customer learning. Working with a digital learning company to help integrate CRM with LRM (Learning Relationship Management) in facilitating onboarding, feature adoption, and ongoing engagement will certainly usher in unbelievable success for your company!

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