The Leadership Team

Melissa Tempongko
Senior Business Development Manager

Mel has spent nearly two decades as a consultant in the HR space as an executive search consultant in Amrop and in the assessment industry as a certified Harrison consultant. 

Mel currently connects talents and companies with Bihasa, fostering and developing meaningful relationships. Through strategic networking and collaboration, Mel ensures that the right expertise and resources are brought together to create impactful and effective eLearning experiences.

Peter Paul Cauton
Cofounder and CEO

Peter has founded several startups in the HR and Future of Work fields. He has an MA in Industrial Psychology, mentors startups at Google, and is an Endeavor Entrepreneur. Peter helps Bihasa a lot in strategy, product development, and learning methodologies. 

Peter is a big Lakers fan, reads a ton, and is always in search for the best burger.

Jogen Paolo Atienza
Instructional Design Lead

Jogen is an experienced Learning and Organizational Development Professional and Instructional Designer/E-Learning Developer with a demonstrated history of working in various industries. He is a Licensed Professional Teacher, has a Master in Business Administration, and is currently completing his Master of Arts in Education.

Jogen loves to read John Maxwell books on his spare time and is also the book author of “The E-Learning Rudder: 6 Steps for a Successful E-Learning Development”

Krishia Pauline Ellis
Chief of Staff (for Humanae)

Krishia is a 10-year multihat who has worked in various Software Consulting companies and Startups that honed her diverse skills in Software Engineering, Innovation (UX and Design Thinking), Product, Org Dev’t, Consulting and Sustainability.

She serves as an extension of Bihasa’s CEO, helping out in Bihasa’s Technology and Marketing Operations needs.

Aaron Hannibal Alvaran

Hannibal is a jack-of-all-trades with a strong focus on communications, systems, and process. With proven experience in operations, finance, IT, and administrative management across multiple industries including energy, mass media, defence, and aerospace.

He strives to build and support profitable enterprises that contribute to a just, equitable, and sustainable society.

Meg Imperio
e-Learning Development Lead

Meg has a background in filmmaking and design that extends easily into the e-learning space–ensuring that Bihasa produces content that is not only effective, but aesthetically appealing and engaging for a variety of audiences.

Meg continuously explores different avenues to deliver the best learning product for Bihasa’s clients and assists in its creative endeavors. In her spare time, she enjoys running and is always in pursuit of the perfect pain au chocolat.

Heidi Casiño
Recruitment Lead

Heidi C. Casiño brings a wealth of diverse industry experience to her role in the insurance sector. Transitioning into insurance allowed her the flexibility needed to spend time with her young children, a decision she made eight years ago.

Embracing her multi-potentialite nature, Heidi has since expanded her horizons, being a content creator for her own brand Thrive with Tita Heidi and establishing herself as a local and international speaker. Currently, she is the Recruitment Lead in Bihasa, ensuring that we have a healthy pool of amazing Partners.

Den Francisco
Project Management Officer

Den started as a Systems Analyst/Developer and eventually worked as a Project Manager in her succeeding projects. She believes that the experience gained as a developer provides skills that can greatly benefit individuals transitioning into project management roles.  It equips them with a unique perspective, technical expertise and problem solving abilities that contribute to their success as effective project leaders.

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