What You Need to Know About Micro-Learning for Companies

As the digital revolution and global pandemic teach us, the conventional way of doing things in an office setting may no longer apply. This holds true for the traditional skills-based seminars and training workshops most companies had to put on hold and reconfigure to suit immediate needs and preferences. One effective solution worth considering is micro-learning, which Google defines as intent-rich situations wherein an individual turns to a device to act on a need

If you think about the immediate application of micro-learning in a popular context, it is much like what most of us already do now: use our mobile devices to access quick, relevant solutions. However, take note that you cannot simply dive into this approach without first knowing the basics since it does consist of a few intricacies to produce quality materials. As such, use this article as your guide to be appropriately oriented. 

How Do I Translate My Current Learning and Training Aids into Micro-Learning Resources? 

As mentioned, your company may have been used to the traditional modes of work-based learning options simply because you never thought it would be necessary to re-invent this. Now, you can provide micro-learning opportunities since plenty of individuals learn non-linearly, meaning they prefer to do so in short, frequent chunks of time within the day using different means. 

With that being said, you may think the challenge your company faces is taking all your previous learning resources and re-inventing them to suit your current setup. While this is not impossible, it may also be counterproductive since most of these materials are designed to be taught in a linear or sequential manner. Additionally, you would often sacrifice more time for this training, even when you didn’t have to in the first place! 

Thus, instead of being adamant about reusing your learning and training materials, consider the more forward-looking approach by developing new aids with a reconfigured curriculum. Doing so ensures your company is steps ahead of your direct competitors as you lead in your industry’s professional development. 

What Are the Different Modes of Micro-Learning My Company Can Consider Having? 

You and your team have the chance to select the most appropriate mode of micro-learning based on your needs and preferences. Just take note that you can employ more than one to diversify your learning and training processes. Consider the following modes: 

  1. Interactive videos: You can have pre-recorded, professionally produced videos with interactive elements, such as clickable graphics and shareable content. Typically, your employees can watch these videos between 5 to 10 minutes, and they can simply pause then continue watching when they are not busy. 
  1. Online collaborative tools: One emerging trend in e-Learning is asynchronous-based collaborative projects, meaning each team member can submit their output to complete a complex work, depending on your modifications. While this can be done as their own time, you can set deadlines to check their submitted work. 
  1. Downloadable courses through a custom platform: Your employees can go through various micro-learning mediums with an online course. It can be with recorded videos, quick readings, quizzes, and more. By far, this is one of the most comprehensive among the other modes. 


Due to the emerging trend of mobile devices and asynchronous training, micro-learning can be a valuable resource for your company, especially if you want to scale and become a leader in your niche. It is convenient, innovative, and performance-driven, allowing you and your team to reach new heights. Invest in these new skills and knowledge-building opportunities today! 

Bihasa is the leading e-learning course developer in the Philippines, enabling you to make the most of your employees’ time and varied contexts to maximize training opportunities. You can take advantage of micro-learning techniques and other similar approaches to spur further professional development within your corporation. Contact us at inquire@bihasa.ph to find out how else we can help you! 

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