The Bihasa Way

Bihasa utilizes a proven method in making sure you develop a kickass online course.

Step 1

Product Development

You might be thinking, “How can I leverage my expertise in creating a great online course?”

BIHASA will help you design, tweak, and craft a learning platform concept which can monetize and win an audience.

Step 2

Instructional Design

There is a specific art and science behind creating a great online course. Simply recording a classroom session isn’t enough. Bihasa will help you transform a script into a full-blown online course storyboard.


Step 3


Bihasa will shoot your course in its own studio, specifically built for the nuances of online courses, employing the very best video, audio, and post-production personnel and equipment.

Step 4

Testing and Validation

After the first version of the course is finished, we shall conduct some cohort analysis and user testing. We shall then use that data to further polish the course, until it is ready for launch.

Step 5

Landing Page Design and Strategy

Every great online course has a great landing page which converts well.

Bihasa understands the intricacies of landing page design in helping you craft a great one.

Step 6

Digital Marketing Strategy

Bihasa will help you craft a comprehensive digital marketing strategy aligned to your mission, preferences, and brand.

Step 7

Launch Strategy and Execution

Bihasa will help you design and execute a Course Launch Plan aligned to your budget, preferences, and brand.

Similar to an events coordinator, we can also assist you during the actual launch.

Step 8

Technical Platform Development

Bihasa will help you set up your own technical Learning Platform, aligned specifically to your course’s particular digital needs and experience design.


Step 9

Scale and Grow

Launching your learning platform is only the beginning! Bihasa can help you manage and scale your platform as committed strategic partners.

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