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Scaling Software Training For Clinicians With Video Production & LMS Implementation

Our Client

Carespan is a technology firm that has an integrated digital care platform solution. The company intends to launch in the Philippines, targeting hospitals.

They fully intend to use digital training to ensure that learning scales across all of their user types.

The Project

Carespan partnered with Bihasa to help build its digital learning capacity.

For this project, Bihasa was expected to have two deliverables:

  1. Develop training videos for CLINICIANS and DOCTORS on how to use the Carespan System.
  2. Develop a Learning Management System (LMS) which houses not only the training videos above but the rest of the training videos it plans to release.

The resulting training experience needs to:

Scale Learning In The Region

Bihasa was tasked to develop both the videos and the LMS in alignment with their goal to scale rapidly in the region. The focus of developing the courses was not only about delivering information effectively but also developing the capacity to serve more clients in the region.

Allow Editing & Expansion

Carespan often releases new features to provide a better experience for their users. As such, Bihasa was also required to make these changes easy on the learning videos that were already developed. 

To prepare for these future changes, Bihasa made sure of the following: 

  1. The script and storyboard were developed in a very clear and structured manner.
  2. Videos were segmented in smaller chunks.
  3. Minimized the use of actual footage of people.
The Solution

To address Carespan’s requirements, Bihasa provided the following:

A. Product consulting and Instructional Design of the eLearning videos, including storyboarding and scripting

B. Production of 14 microlearning videos, that were composed of:

    • Motion Graphics and Screen Capture Recording of the actual Carespan application
    • Voiceover Recording

C. These videos covered various topics aimed at onboarding Carespan users such as: How to use the platform and educate patients, calendar management, and more.

D. Carespan users included physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants.

E. A Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) that had the following functionalities and features:

    • Use of the Thinkific LMS SaaS platform white-labeled and customized to Carespan’s branding and design
    • Host the course assets, including the microlearning videos, that were produced and accessible to Carespan target learners
    • Facilitate the online learning of the course modules including tracking of user progress and course results.

Carespan is currently using the learning platform and the course material produced by Bihasa in onboarding clients in the Philippines, and eventually, across the region.


“Bihasa made it seamless and easy for all our end-users to understand our platform. With their expertise, we were able to provide an effective supplement in accelerating the hands-on learning of the clinicians and in successfully using our platform in their practice. We'll continue to work with Bihasa as we try to achieve the goal of completely delivering our training online."
Ray Marañon
COO, CareSpan Asia Inc.

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